Alikelihood specializes in lifestyle and consumer behavior evolving food and this is their new fresh identity.
Alikelihood is a trend research agency. They research, advice and lecure about trends, lifestyle and consumers with focus on food. I was asked to create an identity for the brand. They mostly sell their sevices to agencys and planners so the identity was ideally to be simple and professional, just like a bank but importantly not boring. The identity consist of two colors mint and dark purple. Additional black and white when needed. Everything is very tight, and the identity is build around icons and big headlines to make the heavy amount of text information more eatable. The identity needed to be flexibel and easy reconizable in order to fit their website, presentations, newsletter and future publications. Therefore the identity consist of a set of elements that goes along together, to pick and choose from depending on the purpose.

Alikelihood 1Alikelihood 1
Alikelihood 2Alikelihood 2
Alikelihood 3Alikelihood 3
Alikelihood 4Alikelihood 4
Alikelihood 9Alikelihood 9
Alikelihood 10Alikelihood 10