The Internship Match

How I got the internship of my dreams at SNASK by playing ping pong.
Finding the perfect internship is not easy. There was no doubt that I really wanted to go to SNASK. But what to do when their recruitment officer George Michael had a 2-year long waiting list? I decided to risk it all! I designed a ping pong paddle, put it in a golden box and sent it to Stockholm. Inside the box was a letter inviting Fredrik and Magnus to gamble the internship in a ping pong match. If I was the winner I would get the internship. During the process I kept a Tumblr diary, documenting every step in this crazy attempt to get their attention. Fubiz and DesignTAXI wrote some kind words about it. But most importantly is the fact that the guys said 'Yes' and I ended up getting the internship of my dreams.

Internship Match 1Internship Match 1
Internship Match 4Internship Match 4
Internship Match 7Internship Match 7
Internship Match 10Internship Match 10
Internship Match 11Internship Match 11