SABOs Kombohus

An interactive paper city built to put focus on the current housing situation in Stockholm and promote 'Kombohus'. 
Together with Richard Gray at SNASK I helped build a 5x5 meter paper city. The city was later brought to life with a street view camera making it possible to explore the city as if it was on Google Maps. Around the city are quotes about the housing situation in Stockholm. There is hidden a bunch of easter eggs around the city such as the flying car, a sneaky cat and the hand with a banana, so take a tour around the city and check it out.

SABOs Kombohus 1SABOs Kombohus 1
SABOs Kombohus 2SABOs Kombohus 2
SABOs Kombohus 3SABOs Kombohus 3
SABOs Kombohus 4SABOs Kombohus 4
SABOs Kombohus 5SABOs Kombohus 5
SABOs Kombohus 6SABOs Kombohus 6