An irregularly updated collection of work in progress and other highlights.

Submitting the MobilePay case made together with Advice to the Creative Circle Award.

I made a poster for Netflix's launch of season 3 of Stranger Things. My 'Upside-Down Waffle' was exhibited in Copenhagen and Stockholm.

I made a poster to celebrate the launch of Advice's new all-black visual identity. It was used as an invitation to their annual summer party.

If you went to Heartland Festival in Denmark this year, you might have seen some of the many signs around the festival made by yours truly.

I made a poster for Pecha Kucha in Copenhagen.

A bunch of scary monster letters in various materials created for a poster for a kids event.

I guest lectured at The Danish School of Media and Journalism where I gave a talk about packshots and reviewed some badass sustainable brands, as a part of Clare McNally's Brand Creation course.

Pecha Kucha talk

December 2018

I gave a talk at Pecha Kucha about my love for paper and glue and the joy of closing your computer to create things offline.