An irregularly updated collection of work in progress and other highlights.

While the summer sun is baking. I'm spending some time indoor prepping a big production of Christmas trees for a client.

Went back again to DMJX to teach two weeks of Art Direction to the first-year students. This is from a review session with one of the teams.

GoMore cars

May 2022

Turned GoMore's quirky cars into real props.

Outdoor office

April 2022

I'm working on a more portable project, so I brought it outside in the sun.

Work now. Pay later.

September 2021

The best way to end a project is to pass your work out in the real world.

Wrapped up in pink

September 2021

Wrapped the entire Metro Station in Copenhagen (image), Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki in Klarna pink.

Studio Jungle

June 2021

A very long paper jungle ready for panning.

Shoot day

June 2021

Behind the scenes from a recent WWF film shoot I did. This is me adjusting the last details on the map before filming.