An irregularly updated collection of work in progress and other highlights.

Shoot day

June 2021

Behind the scenes from a recent WWF film shoot I did. This is me adjusting the last details on the map before filming.

There is something quite amazing about seeing the celebratory series I created for The Danish Health Authorities on banners, outdoors, screens and postcards around town. Once again created in collaboration with Advice & Sofie Hvitved behind the camera. See more images here.

I'm busy these days working on a celebratory series of content for The Danish Health Authorities. Can't wait to see all of this published.

I’m happy to see that the 'No Shelter Snowglobe' for Hus Forbi I helped make, is shortlisted in the categories ‘Promo & Activation’ and ‘Earned Media’ in Creative Circle Award 2021. Fingers crossed and congratulations to the entire team from Advice A/S.

Easter Eggs

March 2021

With Easter coming up, I'm working on a little something for The Danish Health Authority.

Excited to be back for another year of online judging at the Creative Circle Award. This year I'm judging all the amazing work in the craft categories.

Starting off my week with online teaching of Art Direction to the 1st year students at DMJX.

New calendar year

January 2021

It might be 2021, but Corona is still here. So The Danish Health Authorities and Advice are keeping me and Sofie Hvitved busy with making some informal pieces about the importance of getting tested and staying at home.