An irregularly updated collection of work in progress and other highlights.

Behind the scenes on the shoot for 7 episodes of the Volvo Christmas calendar. See the result here.

Guest lecturing the 2nd year Visual Communication students at The Danish School of Media and Journalism. Talking about art direction and the importance of craft. I also had the pleasure of reviewing their work and giving feedback.

A jungle of work

October 2018

Behind the scenes for a poster I'm working on.

Overlooking final edits to an 80 pages publication.

Tiny props

May 2018

A peek behind the scenes of shooting tiny props with Sofie Hvitved.

My 'Brain Noodle' poster is among the 10 shortlisted posters for Computer Arts' annual cover competition. See the full shortlist here.

A bunch of signs made in paper to launch a new line of plant-based ice creams from Naturli'. Created together with 25&30.