An irregularly updated collection of work in progress and other highlights.

My last ad of 2020

December 2020

My last ad of the year – a full-page newspaper ad with a New Year’s Corona restriction cake made for The Danish Health Authority. 2020 you were a weird one. Created together with Advice and Sofie Hvitved behind the camera.

Unfortunately, many homeless people spend their Christmas on the streets. I helped Alexander Mackenzie and Rikke Mønster from Advice bring these handpainted and 3D-printed snowglobes to life for the street newspaper sold by homeless people 'Hus Forbi'. They were sent to politicians and other influential people to create awareness about the unfortunate situation for many homeless people.

Elephants on shoot

November 2020

These days I'm working on a short explainer video for WWF about turning plastic waste into value in Kenya. This is a still from the shoot, took forever to build a stable tower of elephants without using any glue.

Plastic globe

October 2020

I'm creating a globe made from plastic pellets for an upcoming shoot for WWF about plastic waste in Coastal Kenya.

Neon Zzzleep

October 2020

These days I'm building a lot of props for a shoot for The Danish Health Authorities. This is my first attempt to make neon letters, three Z's in different sizes.

Disco tea

October 2020

Step 1 of turning a disco ball into a tea cup.

I created a video for The Danish Health Authorities to guide you through the fine art of making this Autumn's hottest accessory – your own face mask. Watch the full video here. Created together with Advice & Sofie Hvitved.

Did a very vibrant product shoot for Smile Makers and their colorful collection of vibrators, together with Sofie Hvitved.